My 20 E3 2019 Predictions!

It’s that time of year again! For all fans of electronic media, it’s what we look forward to all year long. In the past, almost none of my predictions have come true. That could be because it’s usually a list of hopes and dreams, but this year I can realistically see everything on this list… Continue reading My 20 E3 2019 Predictions!

2018 E3 Predictions & Hopes

E3 is just around the corner, and many gamers, like myself are excited for what is to come. In this post, I’ll break up my different predictions by company, including EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Nintendo. Electronic Arts Sports Games EA never fails to deliver trailers for various sports titles at E3. I think we can… Continue reading 2018 E3 Predictions & Hopes

Avengers Infinity War: My 5 Predictions

Avengers: Infinity war is the 19th feature film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m looking forward to seeing Thor, Iron Man and Captain America lead the gang as they fight for the six Infinity Stones. With Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters tonight in the United States, I want to share my predictions for the movie.… Continue reading Avengers Infinity War: My 5 Predictions