Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Hello everyone! I’m seeing the Rise of Skywalker tonight, and this is my last movie review before seeing Episode IX, make sure to check back later to see my ranking of all 10 live action star wars movies, and then check back next week for a review of Episode IX and to hear where it fits in my ranking. Enjoy!

The Good


The Last Jedi is Easily the most beautifully shot Star Wars movie. Rian Johnson has a legitimate gift for capturing visuals and building tension with his cinematography.

The Mixed


I don’t like the way that Luke is portrayed. I think that they could have shown his separation from the force in a better way. I’m not a huge fan of Rose or vice admiral Holdo either.

My Expectations

When I saw this movie in theaters, all I wanted was to see a cool lightsaber duel between Luke and Kylo Ren. Naturally, I left the theater feeling cheated.

The Bad


Fuel is mentioned more that 10 times throughout the movie. The plot of “we’re running out of fuel and they’re gonna catch us” feels empty and boring. Finally Finn and Rose go on an exciting expedition, but it ultimately feels pointless because they don’t accomplish their goal or contribute to a solution. The slow moving plot makes the entire movie feel about 45 minutes too long. Additionally, every minute of the Casino Planet doesn’t feel like it belongs in this movie, or really any Star Wars movie. The entire universe is doomed, but it’s okay because we’ve saved these weird horse-dog creatures.

Leia flying through space

Honestly, it just doesn’t make any sense. She’s never shown signs of using the force before, and this inclusion felt really weird. Especially considering that Carrie Fisher had died in real life, I think it would have been more powerful to write out her character and see the emotional toll that her death made on the remaining characters.

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