Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Hello everyone! Leading up to Star Wars Episode IX, I am rewatching and reviewing as many Star Wars movies as I can before December 19th. Once I’ve finished I’ll give my ranking of all 10 live action Star Wars movies. Today I’ll be looking at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The Good

Contrasting Rebel Views

My favorite thing about Rogue One is the “realness” that it adds to the Rebel Alliance. Until now, who’s good and bad had always been pretty black and white. There was an understood attitude of “they are bad, we (Rebels) are good, so we must fight against them”. In Rogue One we get to see Rebels debating amongst themselves. We see and understand their fear that they might not be able to win, and they don’t want to face the consequences if they lose. We see extremists like Saw Gerrera, who think that anyone who’s even affiliated with the Empire should be killed. We see so much more of the Rebel Alliance, it adds significant depth to the Original Trilogy. It allows us to visit the politics of the Star Wars Universe without being boring and feeling like we’re wasting time.

Seamlessly Connects to A New Hope

The final hour of Rogue One is my favorite hour of any Star Wars movie. It perfectly connects to the beginning of A New Hope, and adds so much weight to the events of A New Hope. I think it’s really cool to see how much they had to beat the odds in order to actually achieve the plans to the Death Star.

The Mixed

Change of Genre for Star Wars

Rogue One is the first Star Wars movie that isn’t a drama. It’s completely an Action Movie. The land and space battles in Rogue One are some of the best in the series. It has all the excitement of the original Star Wars Trilogy with tons of action packed in. The only downside is that the change in genre can make it feel different than the other movies in the series.

The Bad

Shallow & Expendable Characters

Star Wars has always been character driven, yet Rogue One is action driven. For the most part, the characters aren’t developed and they were each created to serve a specific purpose. Most of them have the same purpose, which is to simply move the plot along. For nearly all of them, once they’ve done their part to move the plot along, they just die. It’s a little disappointing for a series that’s built on love and character relationships.

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