James’ Games #18

What I’ve Been Up To

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (Playstation 4)

More than a year after getting the Platinum Trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn, I finally returned to play The Frozen Wilds DLC. I had a lot of fun rediscovering the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. One of the reasons that I waited so long to return was that I thought it would be much more difficult for me to remember the controls and fight effectively. It did take a little remembering, but for the most part it came back naturally, which I think speaks to the intuitiveness of the controls. The Frozen Wilds felt like a natural extension of the game, and it in many ways was just “more of the same”, which was alright with me because I think that HZD is already close to perfect. Lastly, I think it did what DLC is supposed to do; it got me excited for a sequel and left me wanting more. If you haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn, or The Frozen Wilds I cannot recommend them enough, and you can pick up the Complete Edition for just $20 on Amazon.

Assassin’s Creed III Remastered (XBOX One S)

I finished up the last couple sequences in Assassin’s Creed III Remastered, and as I suspected, it left a lot to be desired. Connor peaks as a likable character in sequence 9, but then he goes back to being unlikable for the rest of his story. I’m also not a fan of the direction that they took Desmond’s storyline either, forcing him to make an impossible decision that ultimately the player doesn’t care about. Based off the games that I’ve played recently, I think this installment is better than AC Unity and Syndicate, but not much else. I think that AC3 is worth playing, but it can’t hold up against Assassin’s Creed 2, Origins, or Odyssey.

Oracle of Seasons (3DS)

Last week I ended my section on Oracle of Seasons by saying that I feel like the progression is a lot more straightforward than other 2D Zelda games, and ironically I’m stuck. I understand that I need to find a bomb-flower, but I’m having trouble finding it. As of right now, I don’t want to use a guide or any online help, so I’m still trying to figure it out on my own. I still really enjoy everything I mentioned last week, and this seems to just be a minor setback. I’m looking forward jumping back in soon.

God of War (Playstation 4)

God of War is a Playstation 4 Exclusive released in April of 2018. Earning a 94 on Metacritic and winning Game of the Year at the Game Awards, I’ve waited long enough to give this game a go. So far, I love this game. Throwing the Leviathan Axe feels realistic and satisfying, and as fun as it would be to just throw the axe for hours, I decided to start the story. From the start I was introduced to Kratos & Atreus. I still don’t know much about them, but I understand that, for all of their differences, they have equally as much in common. Each of them needs the other, and that is why they make a great team. As far as story, I know that Kratos’ wife recently passed, and that her last wishes were for her ashes to be spread at the highest poin in all of the nine realms, or something similar to that. Kratos doesn’t believe that Atreus is ready for this journey, but after a visit from a powerful stranger, they leave abruptly. On the way, their path is blocked by a dark mist. They meet a witch who gives them a bifrost and helps them travel between the realms. In Alfheim, they fill the bifrost with light and return to Midgard. I really like this game so far and I’m looking forward to discovering more of this world.

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