James’ Games #14: Days Gone, Spyro 3, Uncharted, Shadow of the Colossus, and Quantum Break

What I’ve been up to

It has been far too long since I’ve made a post on here. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to talk about and I’m trying to come up with a system that allows me to post more regularly. Since my last post, I finished some games, saw a bunch of movies, and I’m ready to talk about them!

Days Gone (Playstation 4)

Days Gone is a open world Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Game for PS4. The game follows friends Deacon and Boozer as they fight to survive and ally themselves with camps. The game has three very distinct acts. In Act I, Boozer and Deacon are a pair of lone wolves, they look out for themselves and don’t have an alliance to any camp. In Act II, Deacon takes Boozer to a nearby camp for medical attention, and throughout Act II they do chores for the camp and gain their trust, eventually leading to a battle with the Rippers. In Act III, Deacon goes even further south in search of the Militia, he finds what he’s looking for and eventually returns to Iron Mike’s Camp in the north. I enjoyed the story of Days Gone a lot, just when I thought that I knew what was happening, the game would throw a curve ball at me. I specifically enjoyed how you continue to find new types of zombies throughout the game as you travel into new regions. I also really liked the horde battles, they were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a zombie game. I think it took me around 50 hours to get the platinum trophy, I’d recommend this game to anyone looking for a chaotic zombie game.

Spyro 3 (Playstation 4)

After many months, I finally finished Spyro: Year of the Dragon! I enjoyed it a lot, it was a return to form for the series. I didn’t like Spyro 3 as much as Spyro 1, but I enjoyed it a lot more than Spyro 2. It was also a relatively easy Platinum, making it my 5th and most recent Platinum Trophy.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (Playstation 4)

I decided to jump back into Uncharted after reading about the development of Uncharted 4 in Blood, Sweat and Pixels. I think I’m about 15 chapters in, and I’m enjoying the game, but I have a few issues with it. Some of the sections, basically all of the vehicle sections, feel a little dated. The Jet Ski sections feel like unnecessary padding on the game. I’ll go back to it eventually, but I think I’m gonna take a break for now.

Shadow of The Colossus (Playstation 4)

I finally finished Shadow of the Colossus! SotC was the second game that I bought on my PS4 but I never quite got around to finishing it. It’s a beautiful remaster of a beloved game, unfortunately it still feels like a PS2 game at times. There were points where I was fighting against my horse and the camera simply because of how counter-intuitive the controls are. If you haven’t played the original, I’d almost recommend using a guide. I would have never finished the game without a little help. Overall, it’s a fun game, but not a flawless remaster.

Batman: Arkham Knight (XBOX One S)

After a month or so since finishing Arkham Origins, I finally started Arkham Knight. I’ve played through Arkham Knight before and I enjoyed it SO MUCH the first time. I fully understand the issues people had with the BatTank, but I think it was a nice change because I played all four games in a row. I haven’t gotten too far into the game yet, but I’ll share more thoughts when I’ve gotten further.

Quantum Break: Act I (XBOX One S)

I was at GameStop, just looking, and Quantum Break for $4.99 caught my attention. I considered it a solid find, I’d heard good things about the game, and it’s one of very few xbox exclusives, so I decided to give it a try. So far, I’ve enjoyed it. It was a little weird seeing some actors I was familiar with in a video game, but it’s nothing too weird. I enjoy the way that the story is being told. Jack is telling the events of the story to someone else, who appears to be interviewing him. I like that in a couple sections I got to play at the antagonist, Paul. I think it helps add a layer of depth to both the characters and story. In Act I, Jack Joyce arrives at a college campus to help Paul Serene with a science experiment that he and William Joyce had been working on. They are interrupted by William, who says that they can’t proceed with the experiment because it’s too dangerous. When the experiment goes wrong, Paul and Jack are both given special abilities. Act I ends with Jack and Will getting captured by Monarch. I look forward to playing Act II and revealing the rest of Jack, Will and Paul’s story.

What I’m Looking Forward to

Link’s Awakening (Switch)

The main thing that I’m looking forward to right now is the Link’s Awakening Remake that is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 20th! I loved playing Link’s Awakening on my 3DS, it’s possibly my favorite 2D Zelda game. I played through the whole game last year as a part of my series, James’ Zelda Journey. If you haven’t checked out that series, please do!

Recent Pickups

Avengers: Endgame (Blu Ray)

The Big Sick (Blu Ray)

300 (Blu Ray)

2012 (Blu Ray)

The Internship (Blu Ray)

Get Smart (Blu Ray)

Howard the Duck (Blu Ray)

King Kong (2005) (Blu Ray)

Venom (Blu Ray)

The Witcher 3: Complete Edition (XBOX One S)

Thanks for Reading!

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