Nintendo Direct 9/4/19 Predictions and Dreams

What I want?

Honestly, nothing. I there isn’t anything that I think that they’ll announce that will make me super excited, but also I have so many games that I already want to play in 2019. I have probably 60 games in my backlog, and that’s not even including the 10 games that I’ll probably buy the rest of the year.

My Dream Direct

This is not what I think will happen, but a summary of what could make this the best Nintendo Direct we’ve ever seen. Obviously that will be my own opinion, but please let me know what are your Nintendo Direct Fantasies. I know that these are al outrageous and zero of them will probably happen, but I can dream!

1. Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch

2. Pikmin Trilogy Remastered on Switch

3. Skyward Sword HD on Switch

4. New Mario + Rabbids game

5. Pikmin 4

6. A shocking reveal that Breath of the Wild 2 is being made in the same engine, and will release on December 6th, 2019

What I Think Will Actually Happen

Nintendo has already said that the Direct will focus on 2019 games, but that doesn’t meant that they can’t throw in a teaser for a 2020 game. As far as what we know about 2019 we know we’re getting Link’s Awakening on September 20, Luigi’s Mansion 3 in October, Pokemon Sword & Shield in November, and I believe that a new addition to the Mario + Sonic Olympics series is slotted for a 2019 release as well. We’ll probably get more info about all four of those. We’ll probably get a release date. We’ll probably get more Smash Bros stuff, which I’m all for, and I think they’ll probably have 3-4 surprises in store for us

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