James’ Games #9

What I’ve Been Up To

Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered (XBOX One S)

I finally made it through the first couple sequences and suited up as an Assassin, but I feel like I’m still in the tutorial. It took about 6 hours to suit up as Connor, and I feel like it threw off the pacing of the whole game. The game spent a lot of time teaching you to do things that would have been easy and more fun to figure out on your own. When they teach you everything as it becomes available, it destroys the feeling of adventure and exploration that I really enjoyed in later games. For the most part I’ve put this game on hold, but I still intend to finish it before starting any other xbox games.

Days Gone (Playstation 4)

I think that I’m about 90% through the main story, yet it’s hard to know for sure. I really enjoy the stealth options in Days Gone, but I love luring a horde into an enemy camp even more. It’s cool to look back and see how much stronger I am now. In the beginning of the game, if I saw more than 3 zombies, I’d take of running and probably die. Now, I have enough stamina and much better weapons that I can take on lots of zombies at a time. I’ve also learned that crafting your own melee weapons is usually better than the ones you find. I currently have an axe that I made out of a 2×4 and a saw blade that kills most zombies in one hit. I also really like that I’ve continued to discover new zombie types in each area throughout the whole story, it really adds a feeling of uniqueness to the world. I’m almost done with the main story, but I’d like to go for the Platinum Trophy on this one. Last time I checked, I had about 45% of the trophies, and I think it won’t take too long to get the rest.

Until Dawn (Playstation 4)

I don’t usually play through multiple games on a single system at a time. I made an exception for Until Dawn. I picked up Until Dawn for only $10 through Amazon. Earlier this year my wife and I played through Detroit: Become Human together. It was fun to make choices as each character and let the story unfold. Until Dawn is a similar case. 1 year after an accident, you take control of 8 friends who take a holiday in a secluded cabin. You make decisions as each character that determine how much they like each other, whether they hang out in groups, or go off on their own. It seems pretty open ended. From glancing at the trophy list, all 8 characters can live or die based off of your decisions. In our play through, we are about half way through the night, 2 characters have died. 1 character lost some fingers. I’m interested to see what happens with the rest of the story and look forward to playing more.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (Switch)

I just recently bought Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for Switch. I already had this game for Wii U, but the ability to take it with me when I go to work or school adds so much value to the game for me. For starters, the levels are very short, probably only about 5 minutes each. This means that it’s easy to pick up and play while you’re on the go. Captain Toad is perfect for the switch and I’d recommend it to anyone up for a puzzling challenge!

Godzilla: King of Monsters

Godzilla: King of Monsters is a sequel to the 2014 Godzilla. I haven’t seen the 2014 film, but it’s not necessary to understand this one. I didn’t have high hopes for this movie, and it did what I wanted it to. It’s always a blast to see monster movies in the theater and this is no exception. There’s some solid action, a weird plot, and lots of monsters in this movie, and for the most part, I think it was all handled well. There’s a subplot in the middle of the movie that really slows down the story and it seemed unnecessary to me, but overall you get what’s expected with Godzilla.

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is the final installment into the Fox X-Men and Deadpool Universe. Knowing that this was the last movie, I wanted to feel like there was more at stake. I had similar issues with Dark Phoenix that I did with X-Men Apocalypse. Many of the characters felt under utilized, and there were parts that were supposed to be emotional that just weren’t. The final fight was awesome, probably the highest point of the movie, but overall the whole movie was rather forgettable.

The Dead Don’t Die

The Dead Don’t Die is a zombie movie starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver and a bunch of others. Overall, I was disappointed by this movie. The trailer led me to believe that it was a fast paced comedy, whereas in reality it was very slow and somewhat uneventful. Many characters and subplots were set up to be significant, yet they went nowhere. In the trailer Adam Driver says “I kept saying this was all gonna end badly”, and this was played out as one of the main running jokes of the movie. They play it out like it’s comedic gold, but the punchline in the end of the film fell flat for me. I can’t recommend seeing this one in theaters, especially considering that I felt deceived by the trailer.

Netflix: A Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as a married couple who, after 15 years of marriage, finally take their honeymoon. Along the way, they get entangled in a murder mystery and they attempt to find the killer to clear their own names. This is a typical Adam Sandler movie, funny and interesting to watch but not much to talk about after it’s over. It’s for sure worth watching, but probably not the best movie I’ll see this summer.

Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International stars Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, and Liam Neeson, and is a spinoff of the Men in Black Trilogy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. I enjoyed the MiB trilogy, and I was somewhat excited when I first heard about this movie. I enjoyed it. I think it’s better than MiB 2, and on par with MiB 3. I liked that they didn’t copy the relationships and story from Men in Black 1, but I don’t think that what they ended up with was anywhere near as good as the chemistry between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. There were probably things that could have been better, but I enjoyed my time with it. If you’ve enjoyed the other Men in Black movies, you’ll probably like this one too.

What I’m Looking Forward To

New Releases

My Friend Pedro is out now on the Nintendo Switch, Mario Maker 2 comes out next week, Toy Story 4 is now in theaters. I’ve got a whole bunch of Amiibos pre-ordered, the next one I’ll bring home is Pichu from the Super Smash Bros line.

Recent Pickups

I picked up Unbreakable, Split, and Glass on Blu-Ray. I’ll probably watch those for the first time soon.

Thanks For Reading!

Let me know your thoughts on these movies and games down in the comment section. Also watch out for my Arkham Ranking coming soon, Majora’s Mask Review, and more!

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