James’ Games #8: Days Gone, Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered, Brightburn, and Detective Pikachu

What I’ve Been Up To

Brightburn – Movie

Brightburn follows the story of the Breyer family in the small town of Brightburn, Kansas. When Tori and Kyle Breyer can’t have kids of their own, they find a baby from outer space in the woods near their house. They decide to raise the kid as their own, telling everyone in town that they adopted him. 12 years later their adopted son, Brandon, is going through normal adolescent changes. He likes girls, he’s misunderstood, and his body is changing. When Brandon finds his own spaceship that he traveled to earth in, he begins to believe that he is superior to humans and that they can’t tell him what to do anymore. Things escalate as the story of Brightburn unfolds. I very much enjoyed this movie. I’m not sure what, but something worked for me. Almost all of the characters feel like real people, in a real small town. I especially think that Elizabeth Banks and David Denman have great chemistry and believed their performances. Also, in movies of this type, I usually find it frustrating when characters refuse to accept the truth about their loved ones doing bad things, but in this case I didn’t. Tori Breyer is completely unable to see what Brandon’s been doing until the last 20 minutes. However, instead of being frustrated by the stupidity of the character, I found it heartbreaking that she was so blinded by her love for her son. I don’t think that would have been as strong if I didn’t buy their relationship either. Also, without giving too much away, I really enjoyed how they did the ending. It left me satisfied with what I was given, but still wanting to know what comes next.

Aladdin – Movie

Aladdin is a live action remake of the 1992 Disney Cartoon. The story is pretty much the same, with most songs from the original movie returning as well. From the trailer, Will Smith, as the Genie, received a huge amount of criticism. Ironically, I thought that Will Smith was the best part of the movie. I also thought that every song was beautifully done, especially the redesigned Arabian Nights. One difference between the two is that in the original Iago is a full supporting character, he even has his own musical number. Another difference is that in the live action Jafar doesn’t try to marry jasmine, and I actually thought that was a good change. I don’t think that Jafar forcefully marrying jasmine would go over well today. Overall, I don’t have any legitimate issues with Aladdin. It’s definitely worth seeing, and it’s a generally fun movie.

Detective Pikachu – Movie

Detective Pikachu follows Tim Goodman and his search for answers after his father goes missing. Along the way, he meets a talking Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds), an upcoming reporter (Kathryn Newton), and lots of Pokemon. Why can this Pikachu talk? What happened to Tim’s dad? Why can’t Pikachu remember anything? All of these questions and more are answered in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. I really didn’t know what to expect going into this movie. I thought it was weird that the first live action pokemon movie was a Detective Pikachu movie and not just a typical Pokemon movie. However I think that it helped with the overall story of the film. We’re experiencing the world of Live Action Pokemon for the first time, and I was left wanting more. I think that the best parts of the movie were the interactions between Ryan Reynolds’ Pikachu and Tim, so because of the way the movie ended I’m skeptical about a sequel. That being said, I think that another Live Action Pokemon movie is possible and I’m sure that it can be done in a way that reminds us what we liked about the first movie, while not feeling like an unnecessary sequel.

Batman: Arkham Origins – XBOX 360

I finished my replay of Arkham Origins! I stand by what I said last week, I love this game, and I think it gets a lot of undeserving hate. It’s easily just as good as Arkham City, with a very interesting story and lots of side objectives. My overall completion was only around 40% when I decided I was done. If I didn’t have so many games in my backlog, I probably would have kept playing.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered – XBOX One

I decided to take a break from the Arkham Series and play Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered. I’ve played Assassin’s Creed 3 on XBOX 360 before, but this will be my first time playing the remastered version. I remember it being a solid entry into the series. I’m only a couple hours in, but the beginning is dragging. For Sequence 1 and Sequence 2, you play as Haytham Kenway. In my first play-through this didn’t bother me. Now, since I know that I’ll soon take control of Connor, I find these first 2 sequences to be incredibly boring and unnecessary. I think that it would have been better to have a long cutscene and maybe a single mission where you play as Haytham. That’s all on AC3 for now, but I’m looking forward to see what’s changed in the remastered version.

Days Gone – Playstation 4

Days Gone is a PS4 Exclusive released in April. I’ve only played about 2 hours so far, but it seems like a fun game. From what I’ve experienced, it seems like it has elements from all your typical zombie games; there’s zombies ( which obviously can’t be called zombies), hostile humans, and a shortage of resources. What Days Gone does differently is that it seems that the entire game is based on motorcycle culture. My wife is more familiar than I am, but all of the patches and symbols that the characters wear are real life symbols in the motorcycle community, or so I’ve been told. I’m looking forward to experiencing more of Days Gone, and plan to play more in the coming weeks.

No Man’s Sky – Playstation 4

I picked up No Man’s Sky for pretty cheap at my local GameStop. A few years ago when the game launched, it received terrible backlash from gamers. With recent updates, I’ve heard that it’s now a very solid game, but to be honest, half the reason I got it is because I’ve heard it’s not a difficult platinum. I’ll play more over the next couple weeks.

Looking Forward

E3 Predictions

I’m very excited for E3. It’s always the most exciting time of the year for me, and I’m looking forward to hearing about many new upcoming releases. I’ve already got 7 more games that are on my 2019 list, but after E3 that will probably be much longer. I’m planning to do an official E3 Prediction post, so be looking for that sometime next week!


This next week I’m planning to see Summer Movie #6, Godzilla. I’ve never seen a Godzilla movie before but the trailers look promising. After Godzilla, there’s still another nine movies that I’m looking forward to seeing. Make sure to check out my 2019 Summer Movies Rankings which will be up sometime in early August.

Dungeons & Dragons

My D&D campaign that I wrote is coming to a close. Overall, I think that it was a success and I’d like to take more groups through the same campaign. As a DM, I’m not sure what this means for me, I enjoy DMing a lot, but I’d also like to take a break and give someone else a chance. If you’re into D&D and you’d like to use my campaign, let me know and I’d love to share it with you.

Thanks For Reading

As always, thank you so much for visiting my site! You can find me on Twitter (@James_Soler), XBOX Live and PlayStation Network (TheRealMrSoler).

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