Avengers Infinity War: My 5 Predictions

Avengers: Infinity war is the 19th feature film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m looking forward to seeing Thor, Iron Man and Captain America lead the gang as they fight for the six Infinity Stones. With Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters tonight in the United States, I want to share my predictions for the movie.

Spoiler Alert!

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen the other 18 Marvel movies, especially if you’re reading predictions online. Still, this post will contain potential spoilers for all of the previous marvel films. However, I have only seen the very first trailer, so any of these predictions that happen to be right are either a lucky guess or a complete coincidence.

Let’s get started

I did my best to avoid the obvious or vague predictions, ex. Bucky will join the fight, a hero will die, or Steve Rogers won’t use his old shield. As I’ve already mentioned, all the information that I’m using is either coming from the comics, previous MCU movies, and the very first infinity war trailer. It’s possible that all of my predictions could be incorrect, but it’ll still a fun film to experience.

1. Soul Stone/Revival of Hella

In the comics, the Soul Stone can be used in a way to bring back those who have died. Also, in the comics the reason for Thanos wanting to fight the Avengers is so that he becomes worthy to wed the personification of Death. In the post-credits scene from The Avengers (2012), Thanos is told that the Avengers are strong and “and to challenge them is to court death” to which he simply smiles. In previous MCU movies, it’s not uncommon to combine the roles of characters to make for a better cinematic story. In the MCU, Hella is the firstborn of Odin of Asgard. Hella is also the Goddess of Death, as seen in Thor: Ragnarok. I think that Thanos will use the Power of the Soul Stone to Revive Hella and they’ll team up to fight for the Infinity Stones.

2. Thor will Join the Guardians of the Galaxy

Last time we saw Thor was at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. Thor, Korg, Loki, Meik, Heimdall, Valkyrie, Bruce Banner, and lots of Asgardians were on a ship fleeing the destruction of Asgard. Loki presumably took the Space Stone from Odin’s Vault before putting Surtur’s Crown in the Eternal Flame. In one of the Post-Credits Scenes of Thor: Ragnarok we see the ship, the some one containing all of these characters, right outside Thanos’ Ship. The Asgardian ship will probably be captured by Thanos in his effort to collect the Infinity Stones. I think that Thor and the gang will get dumped somewhere and picked up by the Guardians on their way to earth. I think that Thor: Ragnarok was much too popular for them to be done with Chris Hemsworth/Thor, and the simplest way to keep jim involved would be for him to join the Guardians of the Galaxy.

3. X-Men or Fantastic Four Cameo

This is a really simple one. Disney and Marvel both love putting fun and exciting cameos in their movies. Only a few months ago Marvel reclaimed the rights to both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four when Disney purchased 20th Century Fox. It was much too late to bring either of these groups full-force into Infinity War, but not too late to have a clever cameo. Also, we know from Spiderman: Homecoming that Avengers Tower was sold, but we do not know who bought it. In the comics, the Fantastic Four move into tower when the Avengers find a new home.

4. Some sort of Plot Twist

This is probably the most vague of all my predictions. I think that to some extent there will be a legitimately surprising plot twist. It could be a betrayal, realization, or manipulation. A betrayal from Loki wouldn’t count, those are typically not very shocking. I think it will be one of these; Thanos has been manipulating the Avengers the whole time, A betrayal from Nebula or Gamora, or the revelation that the Soul Stone is alraedy in the MCU.

5. Hero Deaths

I don’t really like thinking about my favorite characters dying, but here we are. I would be shocked if we made it through Infinity War with no deaths. So these are the characters that I think are most likely to die in Infinity War.

  • Tony Stark– Robert Downey JR has been Iron Man for 10 whole years. We’ve seen a very significant character arc in Tony over the last 10 years. We’ve seen him become Iron Man, create Ultron, fight against Captain America and even mentor Peter Parker. Tony’s death would be the final step in handing the torch to the next generation of Avengers, or maybe the next group will call themselves the X-Men.
  • Scarlet Witch– Wanda Maximoff introduced in Age of Ultron. She has various abilities that she gained from Hydra experiments. Since Age of Ultron she has shown hardly any development as a character. We’ve seen a little bit about her friendship or romantic relationship with Vision. Vision is housing the Mind Stone in his forehead, I think that Scarlet Witch will die attempting to protect Vision, giving a very emotional end to the character.
  • Gamora/Nebula/Drax– These are fairly simple. All three of these characters have built around Thanos, most of them around getting revenge. Finally able to confront Thanos, it’s incredible likely that one of these characters will meet their end in Infinity War.

Hopefully Avengers Infinity War is as epic as I’m hoping it will be. I think it would be awesome if one of my predictions turns out to be true. Regardless, I am incredibly excited to see this Marvel event play out on the big screen.

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