James’ Games #4: Starting Majora’s Mask, Kirby Star Allies, SuperHot, and Munchkin


Thank you so much for reading, if you’re a first time reader, we’re glad to have you! I’ve got some new games, announcements and a new Switch accessory to cover. School is a little busy right now so I didn’t play very many games last week, but there’s a few that I wanted to mention. As always, I’ll end the post with a Game Spotlight of a tabletop game or video game that I really like.

New and Noteworthy

Shadow of The Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was announced by Square Enix and is set to release September 14th 2018. This is the third game in the rebooted Tomb Raider story, following Tomb Raider(2013) and Rise of the Tomb Raider(2015). I’ve never mentioned it before but I really like these games, this is one that I will definitely pre-order for Xbox One, and I’ll probably do a full review depending on how long it takes me to finish the game.

Games with Gold

A new set of games are available for anyone with an XBOX Live Gold subscription. Trials of the Blood Dragon (Xbox One) is still available through March 31st. Superhot (Xbox One) is available starting March 16th and will be available until mid April. Lastly, Quantum Conundrum (Xbox 360) is also available starting March 16, but will only be available until the end of March. The only one I’ve played is Superhot, and I made sure to mention it in the What I’ve Been Playing section.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered

Assassin’s Creed Rogue has received a remastered edition. It’s available starting today, March 20, 2018, for $29.99. I really like Assassin’s Creed Rogue, gameplay is identical to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. When I first heard this, I was incredibly excited since this is one of the only AC games that I do not own. However, considering that it’s strictly digital right now and the only main changes were graphical, I’m waiting to buy this one until a later time. I’m hopeful that it will be popular enough to receive a physical edition. It is only $29.99, which would be well worth your while if you’ve never played the original.

Avengers: Infinity War

We are only about 5 weeks away from Avengers: Infinity War this is the movie that I’m most excited about this year. Tickets went on sale about a week ago and I made sure to buy tickets for the earliest showing that Alamo Drafthouse has to offer. I’ve heard that there are three different trailers right now, I’ve only seen the very first of those three and it looks incredible. If you’re not a big marvel fan but still want to see Infinity War you still have plenty of time to catch up in the next five weeks. If you’re busy and don’t have time to watch all 18 movies, I’d recommend at least watching the other 2 Avengers movies and hopefully they’ll help set the scene.

New Joy-Con Grip

I bought a new accessory for my Nintendo Switch. It’s the Pro Joy-Con Charging Grip. It’s bulkier than the original Joy-Con Grip that came with the system, which I like. I also don’t have any issues with the original Joy-Con Grip. The Pro Joy-Con Charging Grip is now only $24.99, which is the same price as a plain Joy Con external charger. The Pro-Controller is still $79.99, if you don’t want to pay that much for a pro controller, I’d for sure recommend checking out the Pro Joy-Con Charging Grip.

What I’ve Been Playing

Superhot- Xbox One

I first saw this game a couple years ago, one of my roommates got the game for PC during a Steam sale. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a unique, first person action/puzzle game. Basically you’re in an area with multiple “red guys”, to pass each level you must defeat all of the red guys in one life. This game is lots of fun and very challenging. You all the enemies in the area will come toward you and try to attack you, but time only moves while you’re moving. I’ve enjoying dodging bullets, throwing guns and catching swords while trying to defeat my attackers. I’d recommend this game for most players that like enjoy games with trial and error based progression. If you die too many times the game can get frustrating, so i probably wouldn’t recommend it as a main game, but I’ve enjoyed it thus far.

Kirby Star Allies- Nintendo Switch

I have never owned another Kirby game, but so far I am impressed. I’ve hardly played any of the main story, probably 1 hour or so, but I can tell that this is a game I’ll want to keep playing till I’ve found every secret. So far, it has been fun to experiment with different powers and find new ways to conquer enemies. I was a little disappointed that in multiplayer, only one player plays as kirby, but it didn’t bother me after the first few minutes. If you’re planning on playing with a friend and you’re both adults, you might want to get another controller, I had a hard time using a single Joy-Con with my adult sized hands. However, it was manageable and I’ll probably not buy another controller for the sole purpose of playing Kirby Star Allies. It’s still new, so it’s a $59.99 game, so you might want to wait for a sale if you’re unsure about kirby games or platformers.

Majora’s Mask- Gamecube

I got very fed up with Ocarina of Time and went straight on to Majora’s Mask. I’ve finished Ocarina before and Dark Link was giving me a lot of trouble, so idecided to put that one on hold. I intend to return to it eventually. I’ve only played a little bit of MM so far. Just the first set of 3 days. I recovered my Ocarina, turned back into a human and I’m about to head for the Swamp area. If I remember correctly, getting to the swamp is pretty simple, but I will be going in without any kind of guide or walkthrough. My goal for the Game is to spend 3 days in preparation for each dungeon and then 1 set of 3 days finishing the dungeon. I think that would mean I’ll finish the game only having gone back in time 9 times. I think that this would make me finish the game in about 11 hours, which seems a little short. I’m excited to dive back into this game, I think my last play-through was about 8 years ago, and make sure to look for updates on my Twitter (@James_Soler) and weekly blog posts.

Game Spotlight: Marvel Munchkin

Munchkin is a tabletop dungeon crawler. All players must work together, equip their best items and slay monsters to be the first to reach Level 10. My favorite version of Munchkin is the Marvel Edition. Munchkin will always have a special meaning to me. It was one of the first games that I became familiar with when I learned that tabletop gaming could be more than just Scrabble, Monopoly, and Candy Land. If you’ve never played munchkin, I recommend checking it out and trying a round with your friends or family, and if you’d like to know more about the Marvel Edition please check out my review here.

Thanks for Reading

Let me know what you think, make sure to follow me on WordPress and Twitter. Stay on the lookout for an Avengers Infinity War Predictions post, maybe a Ranking the Assassin’s Creed Games post, or a Ranking the Movies in the MCU Post.

Stay Nerdy my friends,
James Soler

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