James’ Games #3: Nintendo Direct, Finishing Assassin’s Creed & Spicy Uno


Thank you so much for reading, this week I’ll be giving my thoughts on a recent Nintendo Direct, updating y’all on what I’ve been playing, and finishing with a game spotlight. This week I’m trying something new, instead of listing every single game that I’ve made progress in since my last post, I’ll just talk about one game that I’ve been playing on each platform.

Nintendo Direct

Overall thoughts

Nintendo created a 30 minute Nintendo Direct and during that time they announced a whole lot of information. Unfortunately most of it didn’t get me very excited, but I’ll list each of the sections that I feel like need to be mentioned. I really just feel like most of their announcements were new ports that are coming to the Nintendo Switch. I can see how that would be exciting if the switch is your only gaming console, but as someone who also owns an XBOX One S there aren’t many new games that were announced. One that did peak my interest was Dark Souls, but I’d still much rather play that kind of game on my XBOX.

Luigi’s Mansion

The first announcement that stood out to me was that Luigi’s Mansion was being enhanced and re-released. At first I was pretty excited about this since the original Luigi’s Mansion was one of my favorite gamecube games of all time. I was also disappointed to find out that this remaster would be released for 3DS and not Switch. I would have much rather seen them announce Luigi’s Mansion 3 or a Luigi’s mansion HD containing both Luigi’s Mansion 1 and 2 for the Switch. Since I still haven’t played Luigi’s Mansion 2 I would have easily paid $60 for a Switch HD remake package. Still, I’ll probably end up buying both games when Luigi’s Mansion is rereleased for 3DS.

Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo spent way too long talking about this game in the Direct. I actually think it looks pretty fun, and I’m always looking for more decent first party games for my Switch. If I do end up purchasing this game it will be because the game has a story mode, it looks like a good, laid back game to play with friends or family, and I don’t own any other Mario Tennis games. I’m probably less likely to get this one than the remastered Luigi’s Mansion.

Splatoon 2 DLC

I’ve never played any of these games, so it came as quite a let down that this took up 6-7 minutes of the entire presentation. I’ve heard from many sources that both Splatoon and Splatoon 2 are incredible, but they really just don’t look like my kind of games.

Super Smash Bros Switch

After this last little teaser for Super Smash Bros, the entire internet broke with excitement. However, there is still a whole lot that we do not know. Nintendo has yet to confirm if this is a port of Super Smash Bros for Wii U or a new game entirely. Nintendo claims that Super Smash Bros will be a 2018 release, if it is, I think it has to be a port. If it were a new game entirely, I think that we would have gotten a teaser at E3 2017 similar to Metroid Prime 4. Not to mention that Metroid Prime 4 still has not been confirmed or denied as a 2018 release. Lots of game fans have said that since Link in the teaser is the same character design as Breath of the Wild, it must be a new game. I think it’s far more likely that Nintendo ports the game over, drops the suffix “for wii U/3DS” and just releases it as Super Smash Brothers. They can continue to add characters, stages, moves and more. This would be completely okay with me. I think that Smash 4 is the best we’ve ever seen, and if they wanted to release the same game with updated graphics, characters and stages and maybe bring back Subspace Emissary I would be more than satisfied. Speculation is pretty much meaningless at this point, all we can really do is wait for E3 2018.

What I’ve Been Playing

Assassin’s Creed Origin’s
– XBOX One S

After over 40 hours, I have finished Assassin’s Creed Origins. This was easily in my top 3 Assassin’s Creed games. The combat and overall gameplay in ACO is the best in the series to date, the level system and weapon systems are polished and intuitive, and there is an endless world waiting to be explored. I’m sure that I will continue to play this game even though I’ve beaten the main story, and I’ve already purchased the Season Pass so that I can continue to play all of the DLC. Right now, I’m planning to continue playing until I have unlocked every achievement, currently I’m about half way there. Even though I’ll continue to play the game, this will probably be the last time that I talk in depth about it on this blog.

Dungeon’s and Dragons
– Tabletop Game

A coworker recently invited me to play Dungeons and Dragons with him and a few friends. For those who don’t know, D&D is a tabletop dice rolling game where players create characters, choose skills and embark on any time of journey the narrator can imagine. For me, my character is named Django Jones, he’s a High Elf and a Sorcerer. So far our gang has traveled between cities, fought bandits, saved a girl and learned of new artifacts that we can use for power or sell for riches. D&D is a huge time commitment, between making a character, experiencing the world, and choosing gear. I’d recommend D&D to anyone who would be willing to put in the time to learn the game. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
– Nintendo Switch

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is the only game for my Nintendo Switch that I have not completed. I have not played since before Super Mario Odyssey was released. The game itself was very entertaining. However, it is a tactical turn based game, and some may find it boring an uneventful. There’s almost nothing to the story, basically just cutscenes of characters discovering new worlds. I do really like that there are a ton of playable characters, choosable weapons, moves and strategies in every battle. No two games are exactly the same.

Game Spotlight: Spicy UNO

Spicy Uno is a simple variation of the classic card game. All of the traditional rules of UNO remain with some added bonuses. The goal of these new rules is to make the game more competitive and less based off chance. That being said, it might not be suitable for younger gamers. Here are some of my favorite rules to add:
Stacking– If the player before you plays a “draw two” you can play one from your hand to make the player after you draw four, and the same with the “Draw Four”.
Helping– If you can’t play, you may take a face down card from a player offering to help you. For you this beats drawing since you must draw until you can play a card, but be careful they might not actually be trying to help.
Swaps– If you play a 7 from you hand you must choose a player at the table to swap hands with you. This can be beneficial when you have to draw a lot of cards
Passes– If anyone plays a zero, everyone passes their hand in the same direction as play. This one can also be beneficial if you have lots of cards. Just give those to someone else!
Skips– If anyone plays a card and you have an identical card in your hand, you may play that card out of turn. Rotation continues as if your turn just ended. This is a fun one, but it can be a little hard to explain.
I hope you’ll try out all of these rules the next time you play UNO! Also you can try to make up your own rules and see what happens.

Thanks for Reading!

Don’t miss James’ Games #4 sometime next week, and stay alert for a possible Ranking the Assassin’s Creed Games post or something similar. As always if there’s something that you want me to discuss or have any questions please contact me through Twitter (@James_Soler) or Facebook.

Stay Nerdy, my friends.

James Soler

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