Breath of the Wild: Mini-Bosses

As I mentioned in my Breath of the Wild Game Review, I love the mini bosses in Breath of the Wild. I loved getting to discover all of them without having any knowledge of what they were. That being said, in this post I’m going to look at all of the different mini-bosses and what makes each of them unique. This post will contain SPOILERS for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Proceed with caution.


Guardians are large spider-like creatures with a glowing eye that shoots a very powerful laser. Guardians are a very large part of Breath of the Wild. Technically they are not mini-bosses, but they wield so much power that I wanted to include them on this list. When I first experienced a Guardian, I had no idea what I was in for. They can be found scattered all over Hyrule. There’s a few that hang out near Central Tower. The best place to find them is Hyrule Castle. All of Hyrule Castle is crawling with Guardians.

Tips for defeating Guardians:

  1. Ancient Arrows- Ancient Arrows are a one-hit-kill if you hit the glowing eye. However, Ancient Arrows are incredibly hard to find. In my entire 150 hours of play I believe that I have found about 5. You can purchase Ancient Arrows from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, but you have to trade ancient materials which can be hard to come by.
  2. Destroy the legs- The Walkers can get annoying. They’ll try to walk away while you’re attacking them so that you can’t deal damage while they blast you. Unknown to most, you can actually destroy the legs by inflicting about 100 damage on them. Each time you destroy a leg, the Guardian will flip upward, allowing you to attack a weak spot underneath its body. Once you have destroyed a few legs, the Guardian will be immobilized. Then you just need to block the blasts with either a shield or an arrow to the eye every so often.
  3. Use a good shield- Any shield can parry the Guardian’s Eye-Beam. If you mis-time your parry, you die. I personally do not think parrying is worth the risk, but your parry skills may be better than mine. The Hylian Shield is really your best bet at blocking the Eye Beam. This shield is so strong that it can block the powerful beams repeatedly without breaking.
  4. Ancient Armor- The Ancient Armor Set is a very good investment. It can be obtained from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab by trading Ancient Materials. Each piece boosts your Guardian Resistance, combining all 3 pieces help block the blast significantly.


A Hinox is a giant, one-eyed, troll-like creature found in Breath of the Wild. There are four different kinds that appear in 40 different Locations. Theres the plain Hinox, Blue Hinox, Black Hinox and Stalnox. The regular Hinox has 600 HP, the Blue Hinox has 800 HP, and the Black Hinox has 1000 HP. The Stalnox only appears at night and also has 1000 HP. When first experienced these trolls can be very intimidating, but with the right tools and techniques you can become a great Hinox slayer. The four Hinox types vary slightly, but they can all be defeated in a similar manner.

Tips for defeating the Hinox:

  1. Shoot the eye with an arrow- Arrows will not do much to damage the Hinox, but they can be used to stun the Hinox. A well placed arrow in the Hinox’s eye will stun the beast and knock it onto it’s back. Don’t have any arrows? You can also achieve the same effect by throwing a weapon and hitting the eye. After using this a couple of times, the Hinox will start to catch on and cover the eye with its hand. No worries, it just becomes a little bit harder to hit the eye. I recommend jumping from a rock or boulder so you can slow time while shooting your bow. Knocking the Hinox on its back will allow you to attack the stomach and legs dealing lots of damage.
  2. Take it’s weapons- With the Hinox on it’s back, you may notice it has some trophy like weapons tied around its waist. You can actually pickup these weapons and use them for your advantage. These weapons are usually very powerful and can make the fight much easier.
  3. Burn the leg guards- Some versions of the Hinox will have wooden armor wrapped over the legs keeping you from attacking them. Since they are made of wood, they can be burned off allowing you to attack them easier.
  4. Spin Attack the legs- Another good technique, if you have powerful two-handed weapons, is to use a spin attack on the legs. Holding the attack button will allow you to hit the legs multiple times in a short period of time. Tho only thing to look out for is that the Hinox will try to sit on you, which hurts a lot.
  5. Stalnox Only- When you hit Stalnox in the eye, the eye will fall out and pop around the area. You will need to destroy the eye in order to defeat the creature.



The Molduga is a giant beast that lives in the Gerudo Desert. It’s hard to get a good look at it, but it appears to be some sort of giant Eel that swims through the sands of the desert listening for footsteps of unsuspecting foes. There are 4 different locations that the Molduga can be found. All of them are in the desert region. Fortunately, all of the areas have great structure for fighting the Molduga. If you run too fast, the Molduga will hear your steps and try to eat you. You cannot out run it, it will catch you. Your best bet at fighting it is to lure it out into the air and then attack it as much as you can.

Tips for defeating the Molduga:

  1. Use Bombs- I recommending standing on the nearby cliffs and throwing bombs out onto the open sand. The bomb landing on the ground will gain the Molduga’s attention. The Molduga will swallow up the bomb. If you explode the bomb while it is inside the Molduga, the beast will fall and land on its side. This should give you time to run in with your sword and deal some damage.
  2. Use other enemies to your advantage- Other enemies will also gain the attention of the Molduga. You can use this to your advantage, when enemies get swallowed up, try shooting the giant beast with a Bomb Arrow


The Talus is a stone creature that will usually be hidden until you are right next to it. There are 3 types, the Stone Talus, the Igneo Talus and the Frost Talus. They are all defeated in the same way, and they are found in all different areas of the world. They are all defeated by attacking the ore deposit that is sticking out of their back. Depending on the position of the ore deposit, some Taluses can be much harder to defeat than others. They will all throw chunks of rock at you, this can be very destructive if they hit you the wrong way.

Tips for defeating a Talus:

  1. Use bombs- You can use bombs or bomb arrows to destroy the arms of the Talus. This prevents them from throwing rocks at you and also will give you an opportunity to climb the beast.
  2. Climb the back- When the Talus reaches into the ground to rebuild its body you have an opening to climb on top of the creature to attack the ore deposit on its backside. With some practice, you should be able to avoid falling off and be able to keep attacking until it is defeated.
  3. Use two-handed spin attacks- the two-handed spin can be very beneficial if positioned correctly. I like to climb on top of the Talus and perform the spin attack while I’m standing up there.



The Lynel is a centaur-like creature that is found scattered all over the world of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. There is no other creature that is more fierce and terrifying than the Lynel. To this day, if I see a Lynel, there’s a pretty good chance that I will turn away and find an alternate route. However, the Lynel wields some very powerful weapons, if you manage to take one down it will be worth your while. I really can’t give that many tips for defeating the Lynel, but I can give you tips to stay alive longer during the fight.

Tips for delaying your death when fighting the Lynel:

  1. Save immediately beforehand- no matter how confident you are, do not attempt this without saving
  2. Stay on the ground level- Do not climb, jump or glide. Usually these are good strategies, this is not the case with the Lynel. The Lynel is equipped with both a massive sword AND a bow. If he cannot reach you with his sword he’ll shoot you with his bow. It shoots 5 shock arrows at time and he never misses.
  3. Do not lower your shield- At some point, you might think that it would be a good idea to turn and try to run out of the way when the Lynel charges, it isn’t. Stand your ground, you can block his strikes with a powerful shield. I personally recommend the Hylian Shield.
  4. Use dodge counters- The most effective method I have tried has been to use the dodge/counter technique. When the Lynel lunges at you, if you pull back on the control stick and press the jump button, you have a chance to slow time and deal lots of consecutive attacks without being attacked. Doing this repeatedly will eventually win the battle.

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