Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. My name is James and I currently live in Lubbock, Texas. I’m a student at Texas Tech University, and I will be graduating in December of 2017. I am a very stereotypical nerd, I love games, movies, crazy theories and anything sci-fi. I’m a fan of anything involving superheroes or Star Wars. I do consider myself a gamer, and I like to play both board and video games. Thanks for checking out my blog! Below are some of my favorites in various categories.

Favorite Video Games

  1. The entire Legend of Zelda Series, Breath of the Wild being my favorite
  2. Assassin’s Creed Series, either AC2 or Rogue being my favorite
  3. Batman: Arkham Knight

Favorite Board Games

  1. Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game
  2. Betrayal at the House on the Hill
  3. Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

Favorite Star Wars Movies

  1. Rogue One
  2. Empire Strikes Back
  3. Revenge of the Sith

See Y’all Soon

Have any questions or disagree with me? Feel free to contact me on Twitter @James_Soler, I love a good debate.

Also I’m looking for suggestions for posts. I’d be up for doing any sort of review, retrospective, predictions or anything else.

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